by White Fields

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released April 15, 2011



all rights reserved


White Fields Coburg, Germany

blues since 2010

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Track Name: Chronicles

This is the end of my youth
The end of my jaunty days
Life’s weight keeps dragging me down
I’m stuck in thickest haze
I wonder: will there ever be better days for me
And I wonder: when will I ever stop waiting

This is a world where we only get further by being thrown back
Where we have to rise above our dreams
Because they will never be reached
In a world like this I can’t see the essence in life
I am 21 years there’s no will to survive

Do you know how we feel in these cold shadows of our streets
Where we wander the nights
As long as it fucking keeps
Us from looking back
There’s no more time for regrets
This is the end of our youth
We are here to forget.
Track Name: 28 Months
28 months

I’m glad my feet are still carrying me on,
this road seems much too long
28 months passed by and it feels like
all the ones i ever loved are gone
the only water that I have in reach
is sweat and tears running down my face
the ravens circle the black sky
ready in any case
my shadow disappears
the earth opens in front of my eyes
my heart beats slower now
I know I’m gonna die
I hear the reaper call me:
“Too sad to be true
But you’re the only one
That’s left behind”
I’ve got my eyes on the horizon
But there’s no end in fucking sight
An unwanted resurrection - my head lies at your shoulder
The first thought that runs through my head: why am I one day older!
I realize that it’s all just a dream – that I’ill have to live this day
I just hope it won’t drag me further astray
I can’t scream away those demons that are stuck in my head
They will terrorize me further on today I am on my own
The rising sun forms a golden strip in the distance
but even these rays can’t reach my heart… it remains cold
Those sorrows, can’t you see I am fucked
In my life nothing’s fucking fine
In this heart after those thousands of nights, nothing is left to be shared with anyone
I walk this path all on my fucking own and this distance devides us.
Track Name: Desolation
Desolation I’m coming home

I’ll take time, I’ll take time to feel the pain, take time to let it all out
As my days are dark and my nights seem endless there are silent voices all around:
Fuck reason
Fuck this heart
Fuck this mind
Let’s fall apart
There’s a riot in my head - little soldiers fighting for more beautiful feelings
and all the ashes of this battlegrounds they leave white fields - nothings left
there’s silence
there’s no hope
I’m coming home
Maybe we’ve lost our sense of compassion
our ability to feel with someone else
Our ways cross in depression
nobody feels home in this place
all the fucking feelings that we have to deal with,
all the feelings we have to dispose
are superior as you fight them
all on your fucking own.
and everything that ever seemed fucking perfect,
In this ever oh so wonderful world
will finally crash down on you - broken
as a huddled mass of desperate thoughts
fuck your world
we are on our own
you won’t bring us further
our strength will be shown
with reason
with our hearts
with our minds
we won’t fall apart
In this beautiful world we decide what’s right or wrong, at least we have a fucking chance - are privileged to be that strong.
We’ll never fall apart.
Track Name: Open Doors
open doors

and can you tell me now: what was this all about?
now we are standing here in tears i am staring into your sad, empty eyes
i won't listen as you are telling me,
that this opened us doors
and that this opened us brand new pages
there's no hope for any answers on these desperately asked questions:
where are we? where will this lead?
i'll never leave this room,
won't read a single line of these pages
now that you take my hand and we say goodbye, kisses can't heal this wound
to save this scattered heart it needs more than actions
i will slam that door,
i will rip off all these pages
this is the scenery which i never wanted to see,
the place in my 20 year old life where i never wanted to be
but can't you see... lived up to others expectations,
and now i' m sorry to break your heart
let’s call this a day
let that fucking room in dark
i am sorry to break your heart - to break your heart
let this quit be the chance for a brand new fucking start.
Do you remember this day, when the rain fell hard and it left us two in the coldest dark. And sometimes I feel like being thrown back to this day but you will never be back and I will never look back and I will never come back-
back to the point where we started
where everything collides
we say goodbye
i'll say goodbye i'll leave this room I’ll lock these doors and leave everything behind
maybe one day i'll plant another seed into that hole just where my heart should beat
you said you loved me, then you turned your back on me
you let the word “future” sound like a fucking threat