Forever Young

by White Fields

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It's been a year since we released anything new. These two songs are meant to give you an impression what White Fields is heading towards. We will have a full-length coming next year, until then enjoy 'Hungry Ghosts' and 'Forever Young'.


released December 1, 2013

Both songs have been recorded, mixed and mastered at Bookmountain Recordings in Regensburg, Germany October/November 2013

Album artwork was made by Daniel aka xDudeOfDeathx:



all rights reserved


White Fields Coburg, Germany

blues since 2010

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Track Name: Hungry Ghosts
leave painful depth in empty vows
another song for the left alones
youth destructs to make them feel
one last thing in life that's real
novelles of the broken old
did not tell where this cancers from
another smoke another drink
another heart to make you sink

in all those times we've wasted love was dying our arms
love meant to teach me hope (still) I lost both in these old scars
hungry ghosts of memories that make the sould grow old
silently they keep asking you: why should life feel so cold?

I hold this pain inside of the left alones and the love they shared
of all which have hoped of all that have bared
of all which have loved they're the ones that have cared
I'm tired of just growing old with all my stories being left untold
I curse the world for treating me like this
I guess god slept on us or he just doesn't exist

I thought we'd quit to leave
now we leave to quit
we always quit

depression holds us down
winter's a curse for minds like these
all the nights when you all dream
we just deal with these old themes

and I'm glad that you made me see
what you've lost got lost to me
and us both we're down and out
never lead the life of the found

another written page
painfull depth in empty vows
love lies dying in our arms
this is another chapter closed
another night awake
writing the curse of the left alones
in endless letters to the old
not just another chapter told
Track Name: Forever Young
still so far from change
it's the same old town that keeps bringing me down
and all your dismal faces
are drawings of new lows
new insanity has kept what you all just tried to forget

I don't belong here for sure
uncrowned kings that drink from drains
another excuse down your veins
a life so high that it kills the little laughters
and you sing „forever young“ - you don't see that we're coming undone

the thing is you waste your dreams
and I will never look back
I'll burn you out of my fucking head
every word against my past
every breath I take ripps you off my chest
off my chest

I hear failure in your laughter
one thing's certain you keep going - we are done
forever young

romance sweeps, hollow eyes... try to make her listen:
„you're so pretty dance with me“