Miles From Home

by White Fields

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released December 15, 2012

'Miles From Home' was recorded, mixed and mastered by André Hofmann @ fortefortissimo recordings in Coburg, Germany in summer 2012

all music was written and performed by White Fields besides the keyboard in 'Chapter Mine' where André helped us out. Thank you for that.
Guest vocals in Grey Morning Lights by Michael Hengl (Blackstone).
Guest vocals in Rust by Philipp Ohme (Dogchains).

We want to dedicate this EP to all our friends, families and girlfriends who are always there for us and supported us ever since we started this band. We love you.



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White Fields Coburg, Germany

blues since 2010

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Track Name: Grave For Fireflies
never will i miss the day
when i leave this town
in its sleeping state
and all the hands
and enforced smiles
that still pretend
that we share lifes

i hate the birds
and their songs of hope
I hate the trees
and the sounds they grow
I hate this custody
it will never set me free

all that is left of these summer nights
when we were young - dancing to the beat of dying hearts
is glooming dreams so lifeless
fade away so hopeless
in our hearts fireflies found their graves

we are the spirit of this town
we are the ghosts that frown

and once gone we will never be back

paint this town black
pitch black
soul black
Track Name: Grey Morning Lights ft. Hengl (Blackstone)
These grey morning lights make me feel like home
I’m still lying here forgotten and alone

And these cold winds sing their songs of hope in the summits of these trees
And all the rotten leaves make me feel like I am part of a big desease
A desease that goes like the seasons - that follows natural laws
Winters are hard to get through and sometimes even summers can’t heal the cause. The cause.
And you left like these leaves
you left our love on the ground
To rot and fall to dust - to die without a sound
And as life has left our love
and we both lost a heart
these roots of this tree
will bring us back to the start
back to the start

this love had to end
to keep the winters cold
and to make summer a myth that never grows old

Now you can carry the weight of a heart that should be gone.
Track Name: Rust ft. Philipp (Dogchains)
do you remember
what you told me about birds of a feather
still all that ever fucking changes
is the problems and the weather

one day you will regret
you'll feel the sun burn in your back
your feet stuck in all your lies
blood runs out of your eyes

the antidote of grace and all we've ever been
all that is left of my love - screws in a liars chin

as much as i am afraid
that everything will change
i fear the fucking fact
that things will stay the same
they will always stay the same

as the sun sets and leaves you here
flashbacks and fucking fears

All you need to fucking know
is that you always will be miles from home
This year of swallowing it all
made me rust inside I let you fall

and as your lungs begin to drench you finally will see
that it is not about the wish of who you want to be
burnt soil and a tiny note: “you're not welcome anymore“
birds of a feather are worth nothing when they're different at the core

now, may you just rest in peace.
Track Name: Midas Touch
There are nights when I walk home
and I still hear your voice
hear all those whining sweeping whispers
of broken faith and let down joys
fucking flashbacks of times
when you were by my side
i see your face, your hazle eyes
and this smile that shines so bright
now every time I fall asleep -
I will end up dead
so I stay awake at night
a sweat-soaked pillow round my neck
this love is a one way street which ends in regret
only you could guide me the right way
or i will end up dead

I fear every step I take
will drag me further away
from these memories of better days
and that i will always betray myself another time
and things will go the wrong way again
oh i'm tired of searching for someone
that takes my hand
you could bring back love to this again
but every time we try we'll end up
at the same spot
over and over again.
Over and over again!

for me
it's more like a
different type
of midas touch
cause everything I start
falls to dust

please, let it be different this time
please, stop this voice in my head
piss off and never come back.
Track Name: Deepest Blue
I cannot stand this feeling anymore
confusing thoughts
of a heavy mind
on papers all over the floor
dreams of a thousand fucking nights
still echoe in my aching head
how many pills to swollow down
'till i will finally forget

breathe in – caugh out
love lost - love found
sink in – break out
hope lost – hope found

with every passing day
another try to loose this feeling
why are we so in love with the ground
while we are bound to a fucking ceiling

„We are all rejected orphans of a died down past“
you can be sure If you catch one thought
that it will always fucking last
to stay and never leave again

a state of mind that is here to persist
and to erase a simple chance for a „live and let live“
to haunt me in my sleeps make it seem worse than a kiss
and rake my fucking longing for freedom and bliss

I'm so afraid that eventhough
i have tried my fucking best
i can't replace this emptiness
that gathers from your chest

please let me sleep one night through
without thinking of you
deepest blue
me and you

then you said:
rome has been burnt down
all the roads are leading nowhere
they are leading nowhere
we are leading nowhere