White Fields / Perspectives Split

by White Fields, Perspectives

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"Two unique bands coming together from halfway across the world with the hopes of reaching new territories and people through a strong and meaningful record." Eddie Deal


released June 3, 2012

released 03 June 2012
Mastered at Azimuth Mastering (New Jersey, USA)
Perspectives Recorded by Matthew Taylor (Australia)
White Fields Recorded by Andre Hoffmann at fortefortissimo recordings (Germany)



all rights reserved


White Fields Coburg, Germany

blues since 2010

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Track Name: Rust (White Fields)
do you remember
what you told me about birds of a feather
still all that ever fucking changes
is the problems and the weather

one day you will regret
you'll feel the sun burn in your back
your feet stuck in all your lies
blood runs out of your eyes

the antidote of grace and all we've ever been
all that is left of my love - screws in a liars chin

as much as i am afraid
that everything will change
i fear the fucking fact
that things will stay the same
they will always stay the same

as the sun sets and leaves you here
flashbacks and fucking fears

All you need to fucking know
is that you always will be miles from home
This year of swallowing it all
made me rust inside I let you fall

and as your lungs begin to drench you finally will see
that it is not about the wish of who you want to be
burnt soil and a tiny note: „you're not welcome anymore“
birds of a feather are worth nothing when they're different at the core

now, may you just rest in peace.
Track Name: Grey Morning Lights (White Fields)
These grey morning lights make me feel like home
I’m still lying here forgotten and alone

And these cold winds sing their songs of hope in the summits of these trees
And all the rotten leaves make me feel like I am part of a big desease
A desease that goes like the seasons - that follows natural laws
Winters are hard to get through and sometimes even summers can’t heal the cause.

And you left like these leaves
you left our love on the ground
To rot and fall to dust - to die without a sound
And as life has left our love
and we both lost a heart
these roots of this tree
will bring us back to the start
back to the start


Now you can carry the weight of a heart that should be gone.
Track Name: Perspectives - Beauty & Acceptance (Perspectives)
Tear your eyes from your head, and look from the outside in. Look where you have been. See all the things you saw. But now you only see, what they want you too. Its like there's a fucking monster... Like there's a monster in you.

I'll skin myself and make you watch, to realise, we are all lost. And I'll show you the cost, of hanging yourself, on that cross.

This isn't about reflections, and seeing your imperfections. But its about acceptance. Not a pre-tense of perfect, but of balance. Of absence and brilliance. I can't handle this, I know I can't handle this.

No reflections, no imperfections. This isn't perfect but its balance. Beauty and acceptance.

I can't handle this, there is no chance of peace, not till you put to rest, the beast that bested me. And you, I can't handle this, I can't hold true. I can't find you.

When will you see how you feel, affects me.When will you see yourself, and be.When will you be, happy.When will you see how you feel, affects me.

When will you be, free.
Track Name: Perspectives - Broken Frames (Perspectives)
The world stopped and stared.

The stars wont guide me home, I always knew I'd end up alone, I wont hear your name in the wind, I wont miss you it was you who sinned. You can answer to your God, I will answer to me, you were flawed, no I don't need you any more. You were the demon I was only raw.

I will be free.
I will be free, I will be free.
I will be free.

With you finished and me here alone, I can show the world true fears untold. In the words of my fears. With you out of the picture, I can see clearer. I can see my true form, looking down on me.

I can see clearly, I can see everything. I can see clearly, I can see everything. I can see clearly, I can see everything.

No I don't need you here any more, you won't hear the encore. Say goodnight, curtain call. No I don't need you here any more. I don't need you any more...

how did it get so desperate? Seeing your face and feeling such hate, but as of late i cannot wait, to take that song and that frame, and show you your shame. I cannot wait to show you your shame. To take that song and that frame. And watch it all break. Watch it shatter like that mirror. Watch it all break.

No I don't need you any more.

Can you tell me what I feel? I don't have the answers but I will, keep asking why to try, to understand why I'm here, and why I feel the way I do. No I don't need you any more. I will be free, I will be free.

I will be free.